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For 20 years, when we ran a B&B, we provided table d'hôte eating with our clients. We won't be continuing with that in the Gite, of course, but we understand that not everyone wants to eat out in a restaurant every day. We also understand that a holiday where you have to cook every day for your family is hardly much of a break. So we came up with this idea.

Once or twice a week, we could supply you with a soup and/or terrine as a starter, a casserole or a lasagne or something similar as a main course, and perhaps a home made ice cream or sorbet or even a tart to reheat. You could pick and choose, and decide what you would like and we would have it or them ready for you in the evening of the day you want it. You would then be able to reheat it or them as needed and eat them in the sejour or in the garden. You would need to order these dishes in advance to allow us time to buy the ingredients and prepare them for you freshly if appropriate.

Old customers will know our food, and will need little introduction to what we do. New clients may like to know that Ian was a professional chef in the UK before coming here, and that during the 20 years we ran our B&B we received many compliments on the quality of our cooking. We don't intend to let our standards drop. You will find about 300 recipes on line in both French and English, and they should give you some idea of what we could do. We will not be able to offer roast meat, or grills or any dishes which will require last minute cooking by us, however.

Here's a list of some of the kind of dishes we could offer.

Home made and bottled Soups:- Cost between 5 € and 10 €
(depending upon the cost of ingredients) for 800 ml - for 4 people

Other home made starters :- Cost between 10 € and 15 €
(depending upon the cost of ingredients) serving 4

Tins - 280g

Tarts 20cm

Main dishes Cost between 25 € and 35 €
(depending upon the cost of ingredients) for 4 people.

Desserts. Cost between 10 € and 15 €
(depending upon the cost of ingredients) for 4 people

If you see any other recipe you like the look of on our website. Ask - it may be possible.